lux 3

This city. It’s so underrated, but because of that it wasn’t crowded with tourists. Half of the city was on a cliff, the other half in the valley,...

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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Trier 2

We were on the furthest western corner of Germany, so pretty far from Rome… and yet, the city was covered with former Roman ruins of buildings, wall...

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Trier, Deutschland

zurich 6

We took an overnight bus, only to arrive to unrelenting rain at 7 am, and remained cold and wet until the next morning…when the sun came out, and th...

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Zürich, Switzerland

La Vallee Blanche

I still can’t believe it, but my whole life I’d dreamed of skiing in the Alps, and this February, Christina and I made it happen. Despite ...

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Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France