I’ve been in Marburg for over a week now (10 days, to be exact), and it already feels like move-in day was months ago.

Last night was the first night that I didn’t go out on the town. That’s 8 days in a row of going out to bars/clubs, starting the very first day I got here. That’s insane. It’s also crazy that, while most of the Americans and I typically go home around 1, 2, maybe 3 am, the Erasmus exchange students are just getting started, in shock that we’re leaving so early. It’s a lifestyle of insanity that I’m not quite sure how they keep up for months, physically and fiscally. Regardless, it’s been a blast so far (orientation week was so unnecessarily long), so we’ve had a lot of time to bond and meet so many new people. The international community at Marburg is incredible, but I can’t wait to meet some actual Germans once they come back from semester break.

Today was also my first day of intensive German class. I’m very excited to be starting school again, because my days for the last two months have been seriously lacking any kind of routine. The class is also very engaging – the professor speaks entirely in German at a pretty quick pace, and most everyone in the class can not only understand her, but can respond and offer their own two cents, which is amazing compared to my very slow-paced (supposedly same level) class back home, where nobody ever knew what was going on. I’m excited to see how much my German will improve over the next few weeks of class, as well as the rest of the semester.

Bottom line: I could tell from day one that this was going to be an experience, but I’m realizing more and more why everyone speaks so highly of studying abroad. If the rest of the semester is anything like these last 10 days, then I am in for the time of my life.

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