I still can’t believe it, but my whole life I’d dreamed of skiing in the Alps, and this February, Christina and I made it happen. Despite the jet lag, waking up before sunrise, walking up half the mountain to get to our sketchy hostel, and skiing some of the most difficult runs I’ve ever been on, words can’t describe this weekend and pictures don’t quite do it justice. It was 1000% worth it.

La Vallee Blanche

Sunrise over the Chamonix Valley

Domain de Balme


  • Having an entire day to explore Geneva, Switzerland
  • Seeing the sun rise over the mountains
  • Skiing above the clouds
  • Baguettes, macarons, and French wine

On our first day, this young couple from Washington overheard Christina and I speaking English, so they jumped in to tell us that Chamonix is their happy place on Earth. We hadn’t even been there for 24 hours, but I already understood why. Later, the woman came back and asked if it was just the two of us here. We explained that we’re both studying abroad and decided to meet up to ski for a weekend, to which she gave us this look, smiled, and went, “You go. That’s badass.” Thanks, lady.

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